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Pictures: Hanoi’s Guinness Book-listed ceramic road in bad condition

A ceramic painting that extends 3.8 kilometers along the dike of the Red…

The legislative building is friendly with Thang Long Imperial Citadel?

"The National Assembly headquarters building is friendly with the Thang Long Imperial Citadel,"…

School admissions closed for upcoming year as students flood classrooms

Although the new academic year doesn’t begin until September, most of the schools…

Farmers successfully grow precious orchid species

As people rushed to hunt anoectochilus setaceus in the forest, threatening its survival,…

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Cable system to Fansipan Mountain operational ahead schedule

– The cable car system to Fansipan peak, dubbed the Roof of Indochina, will be put into operation on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the country’s re-unification (April…

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Science / Education

Experts discuss models for university entrance exams

– Educators discussed three methods for organising the 2015 national high school exam at a meeting hosted by the Ministry of Education and Training yesterday, July 29, in the capital.

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Life / Laws

Trees with exported beans ‘massacred’ in central Vietnam

Trees that bear beans with medicinal properties in central Vietnam’s Quang Nam Province are being poached, with several people killed in the process.

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Sports / Entertainment

Gay pride event to kick off in Hanoi

– While the campaign to legalise same sex marriage in Viet Nam may have stalled for the time being, enthusiasm remains high as the nation prepares for this year's Viet…

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Hi-Tech / Internet / Autos

Intel launches first ‘Made-in-Vietnam’ CPU

– Intel Products Vietnam, an affiliate of the US-based Intel Corporation, on July 29 launched its first central processing unit (CPU) product named Haswell manufactured at its factory in the…

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