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VN aims to advance satellite, space technology

Viet Nam hopes to lead ASEAN in satellite development in the coming decades,…

Vietnam receives flag to host ASIAN Beach Games 2016

Vietnam took a flag to feature its host of the fifth ASIAN Beach…

Central Region: Red-tailed vipers attacking people in their homes

Climate change, which has led to habitat destruction, has prompted red-tailed vipers (Trimeresurus…

What if the brewery industry was more tightly controlled?

It is highly possible that breweries would be listed as a conditional business…

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Vietnam suspends three aviation officials for air traffic control blackout

The Vietnam Air Traffic Management Corporation has suspended three high-ranking officials pending the results of its investigation into last Thursday's 90-minute blackout at Tan Son Nhat Airport's air traffic control…

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Airbus A350 XMB's demo flight in Vietnamese airspace

Airbus A350 XWB, the latest edition of the wide-bodied civil model made by giant French aircraft maker Airbus, performed a demo flight in Hanoi on November 22, as part of…

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Japanese enterprises face difficulties investing in Vietnam

As many as 50% of Japanese companies say they face difficulties related to investment procedures when doing business in Vietnam, said Atsusuke Kawada, the chief representative of Japan External Trade…

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Central Region: Red-tailed vipers attacking people in their homes

Climate change, which has led to habitat destruction, has prompted red-tailed vipers (Trimeresurus albolabris) to enter residential quarters in the central region and attack people.

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Everything you never wanted to know about brain-eating worms

In the beginning, we had to worry about smallpox. And then anthrax. And then Ebola. Now topping the list of parasitic biohazard nightmares, a brain-eating worm. As it turns out,…

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Daily Horoscope: Monday, November 24, 2014

Actress Karine Vanasse (1983) shares your birthday today. You value the affection and appreciation of your friends and in turn, you are loyal to others. You are lively and fun-loving…

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