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Google introduces new Gmail organisation service called Inbox

Google has brought a new web and mobile app to Gmail that organises…

Stopping the smuggling of elephant tusks at HCMC’s airport

Hundreds of kilograms of elephant tusks and rhinoceros horns worth nearly VND100 billion…

In Vietnam pork hub, pigs are pumped up with water for weight (Video)

Pig suppliers in the southern province of Dong Nai, the country’s biggest source…

Young girl mysteriously dies during hospital treatment

Hundreds surrounded a Hanoi hospital on October 21, demanding an explanation of the…

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Explore Vietnam

A day at city museums

Saigonese often go to cafés, theaters, cinemas or tourist destinations when they have free time on weekends or holidays while many visitors to HCMC opt for visits to museums to…

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Economy / Business

French firm denies $2bn commitment to Long Thanh airport claimed by Vietnam official

A French company specializing in airport architecture and engineering has said it did not commit to providing US$2 billion for a megaproject to build a new international airport outside of…

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Science / Education

MOET wants to compile revised textbooks in new VND800 billion program

The Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) is seeking the National Assembly’s approval to revise school textbooks, estimated to cost VND800 billion. While the ministry wants to be one of…

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Life / Laws

Stopping the smuggling of elephant tusks at HCMC’s airport

Hundreds of kilograms of elephant tusks and rhinoceros horns worth nearly VND100 billion (US$4.8 million) smuggled into Vietnam have been detected this year by the customs office at Tan Son…

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Sports / Entertainment

Song Hong Chamber Music to offer Classical Concert in Hanoi

Classical music lovers will have an opportunity to enjoy a performance of Song Hong (Red River) Chamber Music at 8pm at the French Cultural Center, L'Espace, Hanoi, on October 25.

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Hi-Tech / Internet / Autos

How to share your location in iOS 8

Thanks to Apple Maps, Google Maps and any number of other mapping apps, it's easy enough to pinpoint your location. But what if you want to share that info with…

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