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Profitable businesses do not seek the state as a shareholder

The State has been urged to withdraw capital from Vinamilk because dairy production…

Pilot bike emissions control plan to start in 2017

Vietnam Register is drawing up a scheme to control emissions from motorcycles and…

Vietnamese “chaebols”: Tu Huong ‘Empire' and Nam A Bank

Nam A Commercial Joint Stock Bank has changed a lot during its development…

Vietnamese woman had 18 abortions as her husband wants a son: report (Video)

Vietnam Television aired a story on Wednesday about a woman in the northern…

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Bung Binh Thien - the lake from the sky

The lake lives up to its name, with its perfect serenity and unworldly beauty. Local people call it Bung Binh Thien, which means “the lake from the sky.”

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Australia helps Viet Nam in promoting vocational training

Viet Nam's greatest challenge in workforce training was that labour, though abundant, was of low quality, Deputy Director of the General Directorate of Vocational Training, Assoc. Prof. Cao Van Sam…

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Vietnamese spend too much money on consumer goods, says NA deputy

Vietnamese, the citizens of a low-average income country as listed by the World Bank, are known in the world as spendthrifts, a National Assembly deputy has said.

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Pilot bike emissions control plan to start in 2017

Vietnam Register is drawing up a scheme to control emissions from motorcycles and plans to execute it on a trial basis in late 2017, said general director of Vietnam Register…

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China claim women's Asian volleyball championship crown

China beat South Korea 3-0 yesterday to win the Asian Women's Volleyball Championship in China, while Thailand overcame Chinese Taipei to take third place.

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