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“Dead businesses” suddenly become valuable

Many investors are buying “dead or inactive businesses” instead of setting up new…

Women bosses 'more depressed' than male counterparts

Women are more likely than men to display symptoms of depression when in…

Vietnam launches advanced coast guard vessel, starts building another

The Vietnam Coast Guard (VCG) Command launched a 3,500 horsepower vessel in the…

Hanoi film festival opens tonight with 130 flicks from 32 countries, territories

Hundreds of films from about three dozen countries and territories will compete and…

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Busking enlivens Ha Noi's old quarter

Authorities in the capital city seem to have hit on a win-win plan to promote the nation's folk traditions - encouraging artists to perform at street corners. Hong Thuy speaks…

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Society / Youth

State employees to enjoy long Tet holiday

State employees will be able to enjoy long holidays of nine and four days during the coming Lunar New Year, or Tet, and New Year 2015 respectively if the Government…

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Economy / Business

MOT wants a more competitive aviation market

Jetstar Pacific, the first low-cost airline in Vietnam, will split from Vietnam Airlines, with the State still holding the controlling stake after equitization, a step of the plan to create…

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Science / Education

PM allows Binh Dinh to build “science exploration space”

Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung has agreed to Binh Dinh’s proposal on the construction of a scientific complex in the coastal city of Quy Nhon.

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Life / Laws

Women bosses 'more depressed' than male counterparts

Women are more likely than men to display symptoms of depression when in a position of authority at work, according to US scientists.

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Sports / Entertainment

Pianist & music professor goes zither-tither

So it is strange for audiences to see a man in a suit playing zither. Another strange thing is that the man, a pianist and music professor in France, has…

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