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Doctors apply ECMO preventing flu transmission to pregnant women

Doctors in Bach Mai Hospital in Hanoi performed the first successful Extracorporeal Membrane…

Unreasonable education system makes the youth squander their time

Vietnamese youth are wasting years of their lives in university lecture halls. In…

National forum examines community forestry

A national forum on community forestry was opened in the northern province of…

Bank M&As encouraged by SBV, discouraged by experts

While the State Bank of Vietnam believes that the merger of small and…

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The Ministry of Home Affairs has proposed, in next 6 years will streamline payroll of about 100,000 across the country with 8.000 billion settlement regime. According to you?

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Vietnam draw into tough group for AFC U19 Champs

Vietnam has drawn into the group of death for the Asian Football Confederation U19 Championships following an announcement on April 25 in Yangon, Myanmar.

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Society / Youth

Final round of National Radio Broadcasting Festival

Nearly 190 entries have been selected for the final round of the 11th National Radio Broadcasting Festival, which kicked off in the Central Highland city of Da Lat on April…

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Economy / Business

Banks put forward M&A plans

Several banks have recently presented plans or expressed intentions to complete mergers even as the nation continues to speed up the restructuring of credit institutions.

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Science / Education

NASA tries space kits to engage kids in science and space

Making mini satellite dishes that collect signals or building remote-controlled mini Rovers such as the kind NASA has used on Mars are the types of activities that could interest kids…

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Life / Laws

Measles on Upswing Despite Vaccines' Effectiveness: CDC

Vaccinations have prevented an estimated 732,000 deaths, 21 million hospitalizations and 322 million illnesses among U.S. children born in the last 20 years, according to a government report released Thursday.

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Sports / Entertainment

Hoi An tightens ticket inspections

Authorities in this historic town are getting stricter about enforcing the mandatory entrance ticket policy, but their failure to explain the abrupt change has caused confusion among tourists, with many…

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