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Trees with exported beans ‘massacred’ in central Vietnam

Trees that bear beans with medicinal properties in central Vietnam’s Quang Nam Province…

Plane crashes: Is 7 the haunted number of 2014?

While four is considered an unlucky number in Chinese culture and thirteen conveys…

Minimum wage not enough

The current minimum wage meets barely 75 per cent of the minimum living…

Mangrove forest conservation measures proposed

Urgent measures are needed to conserve mangrove forests, which have been rapidly disappearing…

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Vietnam to play at Asian Champions League

Vietnam are expected to play one match at the Asian Football Confederation's (AFC) Champions League (CL) next season, following their new ranking.

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Society / Youth

Airlines to establish emergency back-ups

– The nation's airlines have been ordered to identify at least one reserve airport for landings, in case of bad weather.

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Economy / Business

Prohibition of used equipment imports worries foreign enterprises

– Many foreign invested enterprises (FIEs) said they were concerned that the new regulations on prohibiting old imported equipment would cause major difficulties for their businesses.

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Trees with exported beans ‘massacred’ in central Vietnam

Trees that bear beans with medicinal properties in central Vietnam’s Quang Nam Province are being poached, with several people killed in the process.

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Sports / Entertainment

Pictures: Hanoi’s Guinness Book-listed ceramic road in bad condition

- A ceramic painting that extends 3.8 kilometers along the dike of the Red River in Hanoi, and is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records, is peeling off…

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Hi-Tech / Internet / Autos

Smartphone app promises medical pot delivery

Startup Eaze on Tuesday released a smartphone application promising prompt, professional delivery of medical marijuana the doors of patients in San Francisco.

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