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7 animal feed producers caught using carcinogenic ingredients in Vietnam

Inspections across the country over the past month have found seven companies adding…

Falling behind, Vietnam still spends money on luxury goods

Though Vietnam is among the countries with lower average income, many Vietnamese are…

MobiFone to navigate intricacies of Cloud technology at SMAC 2015

Vietnamese mobile network operator MobiFone will discuss the benefits of Cloud computing in…

Vietnam sees falls in HIV/AIDS patients for eight years in a ro

The numbers of HIV carriers, AIDS patients and AIDS-related deaths in Vietnam have…

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Improving tourism services a top priority

Developing professional human resources staff for the tourism industry is an important step for Viet Nam as a member of the ASEAN Economic Community, officials of the Vietnam National Administration…

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Society / Youth

UK Agent Orange activist Aldis dies

Secretary of the Britain-Viet Nam Friendship Society (BVFS) Len Aldis has passed away at his home at Tomlins Grove Street, London, the United Kingdom. He was 85.

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Economy / Business

Government looks to speed up restructure of public sector

The Vietnamese government has ordered its agencies to speed up the restructuring of state enterprises, including selling shares in 50 companies by the end of the year.

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Science / Education

Higher education needs reform

Nguyen Thi Lan Huong, director of the Institute for Labour Science and Social Affairs, spoke to the newspaper Thoi bao Kinh te Viet Nam (Viet Nam Economic Times) about the…

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Sports / Entertainment

Bickering Threatens Formula One Future

Formula One will head to Abu Dhabi and the final race of the 2015 season wracked by technical and political arguments that are splitting the sport.

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