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Uber, a taxi app is causing many streams differing opinions between the authorities and the public. In your opinion?

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Saigon cruise operators sail to new dock in worries

After a two-and-half-month delay, the operators of tourist cruises and hydrofoils in Ho Chi Minh City announced that they are finally moving from a downtown wharf to a nearby dock…

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Society / Youth

Economy / Business

Tien Sa Port developer turns down Official Development Assistance

Infrastructure developers prefer seeking capital from domestic and foreign commercial loans than official development assistance (ODA), which is in the long run more expensive than people think.

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Science / Education

Experts pinpoint severe environmental impacts of suspended reclamation project in southern Vietnam

A large project, now suspended, to build a residential area by encroaching on the Dong Nai River flowing through the southern namesake province has met with criticism by many experts

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Life / Laws

88-year-old woman in critical condition after being raped by 2 men in southern Vietnam

Police in the Mekong Delta province of Kien Giang say they are still searching for two men who allegedly raped an 88-year-old woman living alone in a hut.

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Sports / Entertainment

Vietnam's first giant IMAX theater to be launched with ‘Furious 7’

Ready for a big car chase? The seventh installment of the famous action series “Fast & Furious” will premiere in Vietnam on a giant screen at the country’s first IMAX…

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Hi-Tech / Internet / Autos

Bentley plots extreme rear-drive sports car for 2016

Bentley seems certain to build its first rear-wheel-drive sports car of the modern era and put it on sale next year. The car will be based on the current Continental…

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