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Vietnam is 5th happiest country in the world: survey

Vietnam ranks fifth in the world and first in Asia in the 2016…

Cement producers killing wildlife in southern Vietnam: conservationists

International conservationists are warning that the cement industry in the southern province of…

Coc Coc to avoid direct confrontation with Google

Coc Coc is well known in Vietnam as a browser on par with…

Teachers question very low marks on foreign language exam

In 2015, the average mark students received on high-school finals was ‘abnormally low’.…

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Four things only Da Lat can offer

Da Lat, the gorgeous city in the Central Highlands, is not just an ideal place for tourists and honey-mooners with eternal springs and a world of flowers. The city is…

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Society / Youth

Did you, expats, know of this regulation on marriage certificates when marrying Vietnamese?

Did you, expats, know that you and your Vietnamese husband- or wife-to-be have the right to receive your marriage certificate at a formal ceremony, along with flowers, champagne, and congratulations…

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Economy / Business

Vietnam’s bad debts surge as bank wrongdoings rise: state audit

An audit conducted last year into the 2014 performance of state-run Vietnamese companies and banks has found the country’s bad debt continuing to rise while little change is forced upon…

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Science / Education

South Africa's great white sharks could die out: study

South Africa’s great white sharks could die out due to human interference, ocean pollution and a limited gene pool, a new study released on Wednesday showed.

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Life / Laws

Spooked by unsafe greens, Vietnam farmers switch away from soil

Environmentally conscious farmers and engineers in localities scattered throughout Vietnam’s Central Highlands are going to great lengths to adopt organic growing methods that leave traditional soil and hydroponics out of…

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Pokemon Go available in Southeast Asia, but not in Vietnam

According to some sources, Pokemon Go will be officially released in eight Asian countries this week, but not in Vietnam.

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