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    Category: Doctors and Clinics
    City: Ho Chi Minh
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    Category: Doctors and Clinics
    City: Ha Noi
3. National Hospital of...
    Category: Doctors and Clinics
    City: Ha Noi
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Hong Ngoc General Hospital

55 Yen Ninh, Ba Dinh District, Ha Noi, Vietnam
(84-4) 39 275 568
(84-4) 37 162 988

Leadership and administration as well as the Medical Council of Hong Ngoc hospitals include leading experts in medicine of Vietnam, who are always eager to contribute to the development of medicine and health care in the country. So our goal is providing the conditions and opportunities for the better treatment for everyone.

The huge investment for facilities and other modern machines serving the process of diagnosis, tests, treatment, is to serve this goal.

Slogan: Where to send the trust also is said to dream and ambition of Hong Ngoc.


Medicine is to save people. Although being hospital with advanced equipments to serve a certain number of customers who have on economic conditions, we always hold the treatment programs and health care charity, for Poor.

Our motto is: Profit to reservice for community.

Hongngoc's mission: contribute to a part of the development of the health care system in Vietnam. Patient's trust is our pleasure.


Hongngoc hospital committed: Every patients who go to Hongngoc, will be treated and served by the following criteria:

- Be interested and treated with respect

- Be adviced and explained about the health condition as well as treatments

- Be awared of all necessary cost before making any decision about a method of treatment

- be enjoyed the most convenient conditions of care and treatment according to international standards.

- Patients' opinions will be considered and resolved reasonably by the quickly way.

We also commit:

- Always sure about the best quality of medical care at the highest capacity for both doctors and treatment facilities

- Always sure the quality of nursing care services to reach international standards.

- Always work towards maintaining and upgrading machines and facilities to ensure the best patient service.

- Always work towards improving the quality of a team of doctors and nurses to bring comfortableness and satisfaction for patients.


* General internal medicine department
* Paediatric centre
* General surgical department
* Aesthetic surgery and spa
* Maternity & Gynaecology centre
* E.N.T department
* Dental clinic
* Ophthalmological department
* Physiotherapy - Rehabilitation
* Psychological consultation
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