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Vietnam tech firm unveils ‘world’s best smartphone’

After months of speculation and leaks, Vietnamese tech firm Bkav finally unveiled its…

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Coc Coc browser emerges as threat to Chrome’s No. 1 spot in Vietnam

Coc Coc, a Vietnamese browser, has knocked Chrome off his position as the…

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Flash in the pan: Vietnam’s infamous undersea Internet cable ruptures again

Two weeks of normal Internet access in Vietnam have proved fleeting as the sea cable connecting that country with the US broke again on Tuesday afternoon, the third time this year.


Vietnam tech firm unveils ‘world’s best smartphone’

After months of speculation and leaks, Vietnamese tech firm Bkav finally unveiled its flagship Bphone on Tuesday, with its CEO proudly telling a 2,000-attendee event in Hanoi they have succe [ … ]


Google Hangouts update includes support for Mac OS X machines

Google's new Hangouts app for Chrome

Google has launched a new version of its Hangouts messenger app on the Chrome Store with new features including Mac OS X optimisation. The application has been redesigned to bring [ … ]


Android Wear users can tag songs from their wrist with updated Shazam

Shazam now works on Android Wear

Android Wear users can now tag songs directly from their wrists following an update to Shazam's mobile app. The service can now use the microphone on a smartwatch to listen to the [ … ]


Avatars, Game Hubs and more hit Windows 10 Xbox app

Xbox One streaming on a Windows 10 PC

The Windows 10 Xbox app has just added lots of new features. Preview members can now download and launch the Avatars app from within the Xbox app, and can add, report and favourite frie [ … ]


iOS 9 could be adding public transit navigation to Apple Maps

Apple WWDC 2012: The new feature; Maps.

Apple has been improving its Maps service since its botched launch in 2012, and the app could be about to complete its turnaround with an invaluable new feature. According to relia [ … ]


The NSA 'planned to deliver malware through Google Play'

Ex-CIA worker & NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden

Whistleblower Edward Snowden has revealed fresh details about the US National Security Agency's controversial surveillance practices, this time involving the spread of malware to m [ … ]


American firm uncovers cyber espionage of Asian countries

A decade-long cyber espionage operation for stealing sensitive information from India and several ASEAN countries, including Viet Nam, was discovered by American security firm FireEye.


Adobe is discontinuing Photoshop Touch for mobiles next week

Adobe Photoshop Touch phone app iPhone

Adobe has announced that it is discontinuing its Photoshop Touch app next week, so you'll have to find another way to retouch your images on mobile. The software will be pulled fro [ … ]


Apple may have just leaked the iPhone 6C on its own web store

iPhone 6C?

Apple is usually careful not to reveal anything about its latest products before a grand ceremony, but the iPhone 6C may have slipped through the net on this occasion. The company& [ … ]


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