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Netbook manufacturers leaving the market

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Netbook products have disappeared gradually from the market, since manufacturers have realized the low interest of users in the products. However, experts say Vietnamese users still have the demand for netbooks


Netbooks fail to conquer the heart of users

Intel and other computer manufacturers once put high hopes on the development of the netbook series when they first launched the product into the market. A lot of models with diversified features, designs and colors were marketed, while the technologies were upgraded continuously, from single core Atom processor to duo core processor.

However, just after a short time, the manufacturers realized that the products cannot catch the attention of users, which has prompted them to consider leaving the market segment.

In fact, big manufacturers began thinking of giving up the netbook production strategy in 2010. At that time, HP and Dell decided to scale down the research and development of the product line. More and more manufacturers decided to leave the market in the second half of 2011, when tablets and low cost laptops appeared on the market and quickly became the big choice of users.

Dell, after narrowing the research and development scale, “declared the death” of its netbook series. HP also announced that it would not focus on netbook market segment any more, and stop making many models.

Just several months after the big manufacturers declared their plan to stop investing in netbook production, a lot of other well known computer manufacturers, namely Lenovo, Samsung, Acer, Asus, also revealed the plan to stop developing netbook models. 

Samsung, for example, stated that it would stop making netbooks from 2012 to gather the strength on the development of Ultrabook series. Meanwhile, Lenovo unexpectedly stopped selling the products through its online system. Asus and Acer made similar decisions.

Netbooks still demanded in Vietnam

While manufacturers keep pessimistic about the notebook sales, big retailers in Vietnam all have affirmed that the products are still in high demand in Vietnam.

Nguyen Thi Ngoc Thuong, Laptop Business Development Director of The Gioi Di Dong, a big distribution chain, said that though tablets and Ultrabooks have become more popular, netbooks still have their positions on the market with their specific targeted clients. Thuong has affirmed that the number of netbooks sold by the chain remains stable and there has been no sign of decreases.

Nguyen Tri Hoang Anh from Vien Thong A, also a well known hi-tech product distributor, said that though Vien Thong A does not promote the sales of netbooks, the demand for the products is still stable, while the products have still been sold regularly.

A representative of Bach Khoa Computer has also affirmed that netbooks still have been selling very well, saying that buyers have been most interested in the products of Samsung and Asus, because the two manufacturers offer diversified products with reasonable prices, 4-5 million dong per product. The low prices prove to be the biggest advantage of the products.

However, the people who have deep knowledge in technology, think that netbooks would not attract users any more in the future. People now still buy netbooks because of the low prices. However, when Ultrabooks become cheaper, users would shift to use Ultrabook instead of netbook.

Besides, tablets are also considered a big threat to netbooks in Vietnam. Analysts have predicted that more low cost tablets with powerful configuration would be launched into the market in the near future.

Source: Buu dien/ VNN

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