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Super Junior's perfect show in Vietnam

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The Korean boy band, Super Junior (SuJu) heated up the Go Dau stadium in the southern province of Binh Duong on May 7. Its Super Show 3 began by its famous hit “Sorry, Sorry”.


The band’s leader Lee Teuk wore a Vietnamese non la (palm-leaf hat). Other singers made fun and exchanged with fans to make a friendly atmosphere.

Suju also performed other famous hits like Don’t Don, Bonamana, I’ll be there, Cooking Cooking, No others, It’s has to be you, Rokkugo and Supergirl, while fans clapped their hands and danced to the tunes.

The stadium was lit up with pearl sapphire blue lights and their fan club ELF-- Everlasting Friends, also waved thousands of blue light sticks and made a sea of sapphire blue, the club’s official color.

Besides group performances, 10 SuJu members also performed their solo songs, showed off their talents by playing different instruments and imitating different characters like Pharrao, Lady Gaga or Beyonce.

The group also tried to go local in Vietnam, their last destination of Super Show 3 tour. Leetuk, the band leader, said “Xin Chao”--hello in Vietnamese, and wore a cone hat gifted by fans during the show. As there was no MC, an introduction video was shown before each song. Images of Ben Thanh market in Suju’s video clips could touch the hearts of many local fans.

An hour after the opening, rain started to fall but could not put out the fire inside Vietnamese and internationals EFLs, many of whom had flown to Ho Chi Minh City a couple days before to see their idols.

“Every time we perform outdoors, it rains. Probably God loves us and makes it rain a little so the atmosphere will be cooler, as places we often go are tropical Asian countries with hot climate,” said SuJu in an interview with Tuoi Tre before the show.

During three hours of the show, SuJu performed thirty four songs in Korean, English and Chinese on a big stage with LED screens, laser light effects and modern sound system.

Kang-In, one of SuJu members who is currently serving in the Korean military, was brought to Vietnam May 7, at night with special effects, making fans cry and scream non-stop.

SuJu fans also expressed their love to their idols by throwing stuffed animals or carrying food on stage.

The program was well organized with an alternation of dance and ballads so fans did not get bored and could keep their flame until the last performance.

Super Show 3 closed at 10pm, marking the end of the band’s Asian tour.

After the show, some fans cried in rain. “SuJu’s fans in Vietnam are as not as crazy as fans in Singapore or Indonesia, but I and my friends are very satisfied with the show in Vietnam. Thanks to SuJu show, I and my friends have come to Vietnam for the first time. This would be our unforgettable memory,” said Rani, 26, from Indonesia.

Many ELFs said they were satisfied with the show since their favorite band had performed energetically and wholeheartedly as promised.

Formed in 2005 by SM Entertainment Co. Ltd., the 10-member Super Junior is the world’s largest boy band and has won numerous awards in and outside South Korea.

When the band first performed in Vietnam in March last year as part of an MTV campaign to help fight human trafficking, they drew 50,000 avid fans, mostly teenage girls.

The ticket prices for the show ranged from VND1.2 million (US$ 60) to VND3.5 million ($175).

Some pictures of the show in Vietnam:


Super Junior’s members on the stage:

Ye Sung on the screen.

 Zhou Mi (middle).


Leu Teuk in a Arabic scarf.

 Si Won with wings.

 Eun Hyuk, the best dancer of the band.

The band in “Sorry, Sorry”.

 Following songs included Super Girl and Bonamana.

Suju’s members said Hello to fans in English, Korean and Vietnamese.

 They made fun all the time to rouse up the atmosphere.

 SuJu’s “trick” to attract fans:

Eun Hyuk played as a turtle.

Lee Teuk disguised as an Arabic princess.

Hee Chul disguised as Lady Gaga ...

while Shin Dong, Dong Hae

and Eun Hyuk performed “Single Ladies” of Beyonce.

 Lee Teuk and Eun Hyuk with Vietnamese non la.

Kyu Hyun disguised as a green pepper.

 Lee Teuk – a cabbage.


Dong Hae and Sung Min.


Before leaving Vietnam in the morning of May 8, Hee Chul left

“Cam on Viet Nam” (Thank you Vietnam) on the band’s website.

The fans:

Security guards

 Supermodel Thanh Hang.

 Singer Ho Ngoc Ha.

Thanh Hang and Ho Ngoc Ha

Diva Hong Nhung (middle).

A group of fans from Indonesia.


 Maddy from Australia.

Korean fans.

Thai girls.


 The audience left Go Dau Stadium in the rain. However, the show security was very good.

Fans went to the stadium very early to wait for the show.

Source: VNE/Tuoi Tre/VNN


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