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"Vietnam’s Sea in my heart": Whole hearted love for nation

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The whole hearted love for the Nation has come from thousands of Vietnamese people from students, workers, overseas, minority groups, intellectuals, poets, and music composers.

Vu Thiet (first from the right) wins the second prize for his song "Epic for the Sea".

1015 poems and 417 musical works have been sent to the contest “Vietnam’s Sea in my heart” co-organized by VietNamNet,  Vietnam Musicians’ Association and Writers’ Association. After many days of reviewing, the organizers decided which art works would be in the final selection round. These works must be outstanding and meet all requirements set out by the organizers. 

On February 19th, “Vietnam’s Sea in my heart” night was presented at the Cultural Friendship Palace in Hanoi to award winners of the contest. The performance was really an artwork reflecting the patriotism and love for the national sea. It was also dedicated for the work of poets and songwriters. 

The Prize Awards ceremony was full packed by Vietnamese audiences who had been waiting for new art works about national sea and islands which hadn’t yet been revealed by the organizers. 

For the first time, songs named "Khuc trang ca bien" of Vu Thiet (Epic for the sea), "Truong Sa noi binh minh To quoc" of Nguyen Khanh Trinh (Spratly Islands – where the sun rises),  "Tinh yeu linh dao" of Doan Lan Huong (Love of naval solders), "Giac mo mua xuan" of Nguyen Minh Tan (Spring dream), "Loi ru Truong Sa" of Vu Viet Hung (Lullabies for Spratly Islands) were performed for the public. Each artwork distinguishes itself from others in their own music. “Loi ru Truong Sa” is a kind of folk song. “Giac mo mua xuan” is more like a chamber music. "Tinh yeu linh dao" is a fun song, mean while "Khuc trang ca bien" shows strength and glory. 

Singer Trong Tan.

Such new songs presented along with well known songs namely "Bien hat chieu nay" of Hong Dang (The sea sings this afternoon) and "Noi dao xa" of The Song (In remote island) emphasized the differences in new and old musical works. The new songs have shown our current time in today’s sea and islands. 

"Khuc trang ca bien" was the first one to perform in the Night. It was sung by Xuan Hao - the top winner for chamber music in Sao Mai 2009. As its name, this short song impressed audience by its music and lyrics and endless love of soldiers for the Nation. 

“Giac mo mua xuan” of Nguyen Minh Tan is another song deeply touched the soul of audience right at the first time. The song was delicately and carefully performed by My Dung, making the listeners feel the strong love between a girl in home land and a solder in bordering island. This is surely a beautiful gift for soldiers and their girlfriends and wives at home. The song shows the rich happiness and the love in distance with positive views.

The performance of Trong Tan with the song "Truong Sa noi binh minh To quoc" was incorporated with smooth dancing show directed by Quoc Toan. This song won the distinguished prize of art effectiveness. 

And “Tinh yeu linh dao” with a lot of fun musical conversations sung by four students of the Navy Institute also attracted listeners.

Nguyen Viet Chien is the only poet given the chance to present his art work “To quoc ben bo bien ca” (Nation by Sea). His work won the second prize for poem. The poem of Le Thi May - the top winner for her work “Nguoi sau chan song” (Man follows waves) is a long and serial poetry which was not well fit with the program of the Night. As the only poet at the Night, Chien persuaded the audience by his beautiful and worthy poetry. 

The Prize Awards Night for “Vietnam’s Sea in my heart” ended after 100 minute vibrant and impressive performance. But the listeners hadn’t satisfied because many beautiful artworks weren’t able to shown. What left in the audience’s mind were the smile of authors for their rich artworks and the whole hearted contribution of well-known musicians and poets such as Poet Huu Thinh, Composer Do Hong Quan, and Poet Huu Thinh into the contest and performance.  

The knowledge and feeling of these art works will be known to the public and lighten the emotion of artists in the heart of the people. In the time of difficulties, these artists bear the responsibility of expressing the voice, the soul, and the heart of the people about our current time, of showing the patriotism and national protection. These moments and emotions are certainly written in the history. 

Source: VNN

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